Bakery day 2: Slow and steady wins the race.

I wanted to sleep at 9:30 last night but it was almost 11 when my eyes finally closed for the last time. I know it was going to be long days, 15 hours to be specific (in the bakery) but I have not had a job for quite some time so it is going to be an adjustment.

This morning I woke at 5, walked Reina and was at the bakery before 6. I wasn’t refreshed but I was smiling a lot because this is my life, which I love, and I am in charge of!!

At 8:30, a lovely man who happens to be blind came to the bakery but we were not open yet. He is maybe 68 years old, his name is Juan, and he smiles all the time. He came back about two hours later and had avocado on toast (maybe a first for him) and a San Miguel beer… he and Sandra had such a lovely conversation. As he left I yelled out, “muchas gracias chico” and he turned with a smile and said hello so he spoke with me some but I had no clue what he was saying which I told him .. hehehehehehe

I learned a lot yesterday, some really important things and some not so much. For instance, the Mallorcans seem to like intergral bread more than white bread. So this morning I was sure to make more integral.

Because I was more prepared today I was able to focus outside of bread a little bit. I made the chocolate chip cookies (bite sized for free with coffee) and then big ones to sell. I also spent about two hours in total making a cheesecake out of some ingredients I have not used in the past. It is not on the sweet side but for me this is ok and the time baking in the oven was shorter than I anticipated. I was worried about it until I took a bite and then I smiled more … so it’s not my most beautiful cake (especially because it is plain) but it certainly could be my most technical cheesecake and I am happy about it and yes, selling pieces for 2,95€.

Around 1:30 a young guy and his wife and her mom came in. Turns out he is a friend of Toni and came all the way from palma just to visit the bakery – he isn’t even a vegan. I tell you, it’s moments like this that make me want to cry. It overwhelms me with joy and love to see such lovely people come and support what we are trying to do in the bakery and further, be so sweet and friendly. It’s really really touching for me. ❤️ did I mention just before they came I changed in to the craziest shirt I had and looked like a truck ran me over.. hehe

Now it’s the night shift and at some point my harina (flour) will be delivered. In case you are curious, yesterday I used about 15 kilos of flour and today more or less the same. For the most part this converts to about 25kilos of dough, maybe a bit more. And if you are still curious, that converts to a lot of baguettes, bolles, rolls, and more. I can count them in my brain if you find it necessary. 😂

Tomorrow will be slow for sure so I will use the afternoon as my chance to sneak out and go food shopping for the bakery to build up supplies.

I tell you my story because so many of you have been so loving and supportive and I see many of you enjoyed day 1. I do not know how many more days I will write these entries but I suspect I will turn this into a blog and continue when I have 30 minutes to sit like right now … ❤️


Bakery Day 1


So many of you have been so loving and sweet, I decided to take a few minutes and give you an overly detailed account of the day. Thank you all again endlessly for being so sweet and so supportive, it makes me emotional to think of how many loving and kind humans there really are in the world ❤️

I got to sleep at 1:30 am and was up at 5. Then at the bakery at or about 5:30, it is a 3-4 minute walk from my home.

I started baking baguettes, I made 400g, 250g, and 125g ones and about 20 of them… halfway through the bake I realized I forgot to slice them. Uff… luckily the large ones exploded in just the right spots .. the small and medium ones not so lucky .. made a second batch …

Going in to today I expected maybe 2-3 people but was so pleasantly surprised to see people coming in. My friend Abel came in which was such a nice surprise. He is a true gentleman and just a super nice guy. Then a few friends of Sandra came in and then Roberto and family came in.. and more .. it was really special for us to have so much support and really it means a lot to me and sandy

Around 11:30-12 things started to get crazy, two groups of four came in and another few more people came. We were not so well prepared and it reminded me a lot of my days working in restaurants. Fun for sure … I think we serviced 15-20 people from 9-2 or so.

Things we needed to change
The prices for a few things were not correct. For instance, we had a bowl of hummus and a baguette listed as 1.75 €. Way too low for sure. The ingredients cost me more. Also, we need more plates and glasses and things .. and I need to do more prep for those who want avocado or tomato on toast, which sold very well, but again, a bit under priced. And for sure we need a better dishwasher!!!!

Now we rest for 90 minutes and then go back to open den 5-9… I think the night will be easier than the morning for sure ..

Today, was absolutely beautiful… and Sandra was absolutely amazing … absolutely amazing

Thank you all again for such loving words and support – I really hope to see all of you one day in the bakery to enjoy a nice piece of bread or some focaccia with me