Bakery Day 1


So many of you have been so loving and sweet, I decided to take a few minutes and give you an overly detailed account of the day. Thank you all again endlessly for being so sweet and so supportive, it makes me emotional to think of how many loving and kind humans there really are in the world ❤️

I got to sleep at 1:30 am and was up at 5. Then at the bakery at or about 5:30, it is a 3-4 minute walk from my home.

I started baking baguettes, I made 400g, 250g, and 125g ones and about 20 of them… halfway through the bake I realized I forgot to slice them. Uff… luckily the large ones exploded in just the right spots .. the small and medium ones not so lucky .. made a second batch …

Going in to today I expected maybe 2-3 people but was so pleasantly surprised to see people coming in. My friend Abel came in which was such a nice surprise. He is a true gentleman and just a super nice guy. Then a few friends of Sandra came in and then Roberto and family came in.. and more .. it was really special for us to have so much support and really it means a lot to me and sandy

Around 11:30-12 things started to get crazy, two groups of four came in and another few more people came. We were not so well prepared and it reminded me a lot of my days working in restaurants. Fun for sure … I think we serviced 15-20 people from 9-2 or so.

Things we needed to change
The prices for a few things were not correct. For instance, we had a bowl of hummus and a baguette listed as 1.75 €. Way too low for sure. The ingredients cost me more. Also, we need more plates and glasses and things .. and I need to do more prep for those who want avocado or tomato on toast, which sold very well, but again, a bit under priced. And for sure we need a better dishwasher!!!!

Now we rest for 90 minutes and then go back to open den 5-9… I think the night will be easier than the morning for sure ..

Today, was absolutely beautiful… and Sandra was absolutely amazing … absolutely amazing

Thank you all again for such loving words and support – I really hope to see all of you one day in the bakery to enjoy a nice piece of bread or some focaccia with me