The Dream is Over is what John Lennon said

And I am not so sure he was only speaking about himself. But, of course more directly he was.

Today is a day I did not expect to come, but alas it is here. After long deliberations, Sandy and I have decided to close the bakery, our last day being December 31st, 2019. This was not an easy decsion and it hurts our hearts to say goodbye to what we have worked so very hard on building. I will go into some reasons why below, but first….

We look at this closing as an opportunity. We are already making appointments to speak with people, and move on to the next idea. We do not want you to feel sorry for us, even though we are indeed very sad to let it go, but it was a decision that had to be made.

As many of you know from reading my blog entries, we have suffered financially since we opened on August 6, 2018. For the first 7 months we were riding the wave because I prepaid the rent and I also was not informed about many expenses that would later hit us.

Tablesponn Bakery will live on in a new form. Do not be surprised if we show up in Palma, or again in Inca, or somewhere else, but with a different concept, and more aggressive goals. I have always had the idea of doing b2b transactions and I feel that is where opportunity will be the best, especially since we do have the best croissants, ensaimadas, and donuts in Mallorca. Two of those are for sure, the third I added for good measure.

I love the bakery as it is. I love going there. I love saying goodbye and thank you, every single time I leave. But most of all, the bakery was never just about bread for me, it was about friendship, relationships, and community. I feel very strongly that we surpassed all three of those goals.

– We have made the most amazing friends, near and far. In Mallorca, Switzerland, Germany, and further, and we keep in touch with all of them.
– We have built community where people who would never meet now are friends and go to dinner, share stories, and meet for coffee once in a while.
– We have shown Inca that it is ok to have a different business and be successful every single day, even when the mountains seem to grow taller as we try to climb them.

A few lessons learned that I share with you, if you ever decide to run a business in Spain. If you are renting a place, be prepared to pay 21% tax on the rental. Be prepared to pay 300 euros a month for the right to operate a business, via Autonimo or SL Be prepared to pay a large amount of money for trash removal. I did the calculations and we pay roughly 2,50 € per bag based on the number of days we are open and number of bags. We know of a business near by that does not even serve food and they pay almost double what we do. Your loval city government sets these prices and they are the ones you should be talking to before making your contract. We have also learned that when the leadership of your town tells you he or she will help you with a handshake, it does not always mean it is true. Ask other businesses how they feel the relationships are with the city before you invest your time, money, sweat, tears, and love. I should add that I am very fortunate with my contract, as I am allowed out of it with 30 days notice after the first year, even though it is a five year contract. Make sure you are protected!!

And I will be very honest, when I sold my car to pay the bills in October, I knew it was a sign that this was coming. At that point we were open 14 months and should see an upswing in sales, which we did, just not enough.

I am sad but I am not angry. I am optimisitc because I now know what works and what doesn’t work. I have also refined my craft with baking and feel I am working at a level I never thought possible one year ago. We will be doing something new, and doing it in the next few months. We will also umbrella it under Tablespoon Bakery so I will keep this website going, and hope you will follow along in this journey.

And I will close with two things. First, I want to say thank you to YOU. Many of you bought tshirts which helped pay the bills, given us advice, bought our products, said amazing things in the reviews on Google and Happy Cow, and you have always made us feel welcome. We have made amazing friends that I hope we can find ways to work with in the future, including our beautiful friends at Villa Vegana, David Thomas & Kathryn Hayward, just to name two. And second, I want to leave you with a few photos of my work so you never forget just how yummy our food is.

I love you all very much, and Sandy and I are endlessly thankful for you being a part of our lives.

22 Replies to “The Dream is Over is what John Lennon said”

  1. You are an inspired artist. Keep your chin up and thank you for sharing your amazing journey. I have no doubt that you will succeed in your new business venture. Sending loads to love to you both and the furries.

    1. All the best to you David!! Remember you close this one door so another door will open. Keep going and thanks for your story, truthful and honest, as how I pictured you to be 😉 Leonie from Mallorca Vibes

      1. Thanks Leonie I appreciate your comment. It has been a hard few days for us but had to be done. Without local support a business like ours could not survive under any circumstance sadly… I’ve used my life savings and even sold my car to pay the bills… so I accept it and do my best to move on

  2. I’m so sad to hear this! But I look forward to having your mouthwatering pastries closer to Palma (fingers crossed!!). Best of luck and success to you two in your next chapter!

    1. Oh David and Sandy. Sending warm squishy hugs from San Diego. Thank you for sharing your journey. I’ve read every beautiful post and have been rooting for you and your bakery. I’ve been so inspired watching you pursue your dream and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next.

  3. We love you and know there will only be good things to come. You are good at everything you do so to me it says the environment just didn’t support it and your next adventure awaits.

  4. I’m very sad to hear you are closing… I have been so happy every time I got the possibility to have a coffee with something yummy at your place. Wishing you all the best on your new adventure and see you soon somewhere else.

    1. Thank you so much Carin, it is for people like you that the business meant the most to Sandy and I. Of course we care about our products, but the relationships are always what makes us love what we do.

  5. Honestly, I find it really sad. But I will be happy if you are coming back with a new concept. We will support you whatever comes next! We love you.

    Best wishes from Germany,
    Martin from

    1. Thank you so much Martin. I will post more info on Instagram and Facebook as we iron out the details.. the best part of the bakery for us, honestly was getting to meet people like you

      Warm wishes to you and your family this holiday season

  6. Dear David, querida Sandra: I don’t know if I will have the chance to visit you before the 31st, but I will try. However, I am definitely sure about our vegan roads crossing again and enjoying your SUPERB delicacies and extraordinary souls.
    Con mucho, mucho cariño,

    1. You are very sweet Susana. Do not stress about popping in, I am sure you will visit our next place and we will always be in touch..

      Warmest wishes to you and everyone

  7. Gosh a truly “sad” reflection of civil servants who have never had to truly be present to the idea of “doing business”! I am self employed but don’t have the overheads of serving front of house customers as you did and I have to laugh at the nonsense that comes with being self employed in Spain. For instance I was not allowed to put in for petrol even though my whole existence as a self employed individual means I drive to deliver my services! Frankly, your blog here is inspirational as you don’t moan but you make the best of the situation and that is what will carry you through to transforming your business. Sadly the funcionarios will still go home at 3pm after managing a couple of breaks throughout their working day too!

    1. Thank you so much for reading this, and also understanding the problems here. You know, if you use a car instead of a van or truck you only get 50% of a deduction and if it’s less of a vehicle, well, lo siento … paying so much for trash, paying so much for autonimo, and even 21% rental tax per month, is insane. Not a single person understands how important each loaf of bread sale really was to us, and the lack of locals supporting us, even the vegans who live just around the corner, is testament to how hard it is here.

      I feel a bit relieved and I’m still sad and I see the phone isn’t ringing anymore so that hurts some, but I suppose the bakery was a seed and my flower will still grow beautifully


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