Closing in on ten months

And what a journey it has become!!!

I don’t know what to say or where to direct my energy in this blog entry. Some of the content is a repeat of what I’ve said many times and some maybe different. The bakery continues to struggle to meet the ends and while there are more customers it does not seem to change many of the outcomes. I spend time looking at the costs versus the income and I see little in terms of gaps that can be tightened.

Really… I want to give up! I want to close the doors and never look back. We were closed last week for multiple reasons, including the installation of an air conditioner. I felt it was absolutely necessary to have colder air when it starts getting hot outside. We were also supposed to do a festival on Sunday, but when I found out it was more about marketing than making money I decided against it. Yes, marketing would help, but I would have had to buy a table and then invest in the foods with my fingers crossed that I would sell everything. So, such is life…. I don’t know if it was a good or bad decision to not go and I won’t look back on this with regret.

I had also hoped this week would find me more rested but it did not help. I was in the bakery Wednesday all day, Saturday all day, and finding myself a bit resentful. Now, I am not so sure what deepens my feeling a more, the idea that I have to stay open because I need every possible dollar I can get, or, that it’s eating at the fabric of my life. Not as funny of a topic but it is a true one!

With all of that said, I am now baking this morning and I find it a nice experience. I love making breads and for sure it is my favorite part of the work, 100%!!!

And for those of you who do not follow me on social media, I was able to catch a street cat who turned out to be pregnant and now we have a family of 8 cats with her and her four babies and of course reina …

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