Bakery Day 239: April Fools…

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Ok, I do not have any April Fools jokes.. I made one a year ago and it backfired. I actually lost a couple of friends as a result (they did not like my humor)…

The bakery is picking up a bit. It is not yet to where we are breaking even, but my hope is the warmer weather is a good start. We have had the tables open a couple of days and when the weather really breaks, we will try to have them up most days. I also think that one night a week we will do something different, like a burger and fries night, a sushi night, or pizza, etc. Just to get some people coming in to keep the good energy flowing.

Also, I am working on some physical changes in the bakery. We will remove two of the round tables after I build three new square ones. They will take up less space and we can then offer more seating. We bought some chairs at a second hand place and Sandy is painting them and putting new covers on them. It is a nice feeling when we are completely full and people have to stand, or get take away.

Really, I would love to move the business to Palma. I do not know how I would survive with the driving on top of the baking, but I am sure we would not be on the low side of money. I think in season we would sell four or five times the amount of what we sell now. Maybe even more, who knows>?!?!?!

And that is that… the bakery work is still the same, except now I am more there at 4:30 instead of 5:30 to get more done. And still the hardest part of my day is getting out of the bed in the morning 🙂

Lastly, it is so nice when people come in the bakery and say they found me on Happy Cow, or they were referred to me by Villa Vegana, or Lo Vegano, etc. It really means a lot that people care about the bakery enough to send their customers there. I would love for some of you to surprise me and show up too!!


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