Bakery Day 188: 6 months in and I am selling tshirts

We are six months and change into the bakery… it is more than a roller coaster. I tell you, when I walk into a small business, I think to myself, anyone can do it.. then, I open a small business, and realize, like most things, a business is like an iceberg… and wow is it ever.

Now, combine that with the notion that Inca is as quiet as a mouse in January and February, and you find yourself in times of must stress.. ok, maybe not you, but certainly me. Wednesday, we did not sell a single croissant. This is the nature of the beast…

So, congratulations to us for lasting this long…

and I segue into … we are selling t-shirts… honestly, the cost is very high so we will not really make much money at all with them, but, I like the idea of selling them, they look nice (my design, thank you very much), and really, it keeps my mind off the very quiet days. So be sure to shop early to fill your 2019 christmas orders  …. hehe…

click here

Thank you so much for sticking with me.. I love you

PS – I am sorry for the less frequent updates, really, I am shut down. I am keeping this blog post positive, but, it has been very, very, very hard.. and that is all I will say about that.

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