Bakery Day 178: a random update

I LOVE the bakery..  sure, we do not offer a large selection of pastries or many other different things, but, we sell what we do have and the customers come back many times to enjoy them.

On Saturday we went to a party. A couple who we met as coming in to the bakery as customers that I consider friends now, invites us over. So, I made 30 mini croissants to take with me as a gift for them and the other guests. As one was being bitten into, I noticed the inside, and it is that perfection I am working towards in my croissants.. (note, the croissant is a bit smashed only because of a bite, but then spend a moment with that beautifully constructed inside.

Really, I could not be happier with the results. To me, this is beautiful, 100%.

If you are interested, here is my recipe for the croissants, minus the instructions (look for croissant lamination for those details – google will be your friend):

Strong bread flour 758g
Water 379g
Butter 100g
Sugar 85g
Fresh Yeast 20g (temperature dependent)
Salt 17g
Laminating butter 438g

and I leave you with a recent photo of some bread.. thank you for reading today’s entry.. and remember, do everything with love <3

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