Bakery Day 164 – A year in review: The future

Let me take a moment and look into my crystal ball. I wanna know what is coming around the corner….

…5 minutes later

Ok, that did not work…   On any given day I have many thoughts that race through my mind about what will happen this week, and the weeks and months to follow. Some days I want to pack up shop and just stop this nonsense. Other days I love the bakery so much and believe in the future that I think it is nonsense to even think it is nonsense .. did you keep up with that one? hehe

My hopes are that we do not struggle more with money, and we find resolutions to the problems with the landlord. I would love to be able to hire one or two people to help in the baking, and customer service. I love the tables on the plaza and I really want them to be a success for us.

What I am generating for myself is a business that is so successful that I can close for a month, and maybe go to India, or even just relax and think about other things in my life that I love to do or want to do but never find the time.

On the 21st of this month I am doing my first interview with a baker. I have an idea to do a podcast (video too) where I have shop talk with a different baker. I would like it to be every week but I know I do not have the time for that now. In time, I would like to see it grow to something people are really interested in and we can really have nice chats about the baking life. It is something I like to do and will utilize YouTube for.

I also want to post more videos on YouTube about my day to day life. But I really think it is time I switch from just me chatting, to me doing demonstrations.  Not everything can be explained without seeing what is being done. Besides, we all love visuals.

I am also generating a more positive approach to relationships. In 2018 I gained 15kg (stress eater) and I had many conversations with people I am not proud of. I do not believe in resolutions, but for me, this is a new start for the bakery this year and I want to use that fuel to help me really move more in the direction of love, happiness, kindness, growth, peace, and freedom, however each and every one of these look, collectively, or alone.

I will end this year in review with one of my all time favorite quotes… by no other than Willy Wanka
“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams”

May all of your dreams come true this year and may they bring you more joy, love, and happiness than you ever imagined!!


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