Bakery Day 163 – A year in review: money, money, money…. monnnney

The dreaded topic of money. I have said this before but I will go in to some detail this time so you have a clearer picture.

In short, the bakery does not make money. We operate in the red. I have projections for us making more money and growing the business, but I did not take in to account the tourist season impacting us. As I have spoken about, much of our business comes from tourists, or people from other parts of the island, looking for vegan treats.  We have some amazing customers, whom I now consider friends, that come and we are really endlessly thankful for. In some respects, they are pieces of the glue that hold us together.

With that said, we do not have income. Neither of us take home any pay. It just is not possible.  There are many bills (taxes, rent, electric, supplies, etc.) that cost a fortune. The money goes out the windows very fast let me tell you.

What is important for me is that we build relationships with out customers. Almost to the point where taking money from them for baked goods is hard. Of course we will as it is not only the service we provide, but I know they are very happy to help us in those ways.

I am reminded of something someone once told me. I will not say his name. I am not a friend of his at all, but we did work together. in fact, he was a creepy guy for sure… but, he said one smart thing to me. “Streams flow in to rivers, and rivers flow in to the ocean.” … If we continue to provide different products then we will sell more, no matter what stream they come from (cookies, tapas, breads, sandwiches, etc.) and in turn, these will fill up our ocean.

And.. I doubt many of you are really paying attention. But, I would really like some ideas on raising a bit of capital to help us through the winter. I believe this year is going to be great for us, but that really is not coming until April or May when the market starts filling up and more tourists come in to the area.  I do not want a loan to be honest, but I suppose I am not against a small low interest loan. I just do not like owing money, or digging a well that i jump immediately in to.  So, if you have some ideas, please pm me (you know how to find me) or even make a comment here. I was told to do crowd funding a couple of times, but that is not easy for me as it seems more like charity than investing.

Anyway.. ideas ideas ideas.. this is what I am asking for. Thank you so much for reading today’s entry. We only have one more entry for the year in review – stay tuned…

#doeverythingwithlove … please

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