Bakery Day 158: a year in review

Hello everyone, it has been 21 days since my last post. When I said I was taking a break, I really did not realize it would be for so long.  Actually, I think I will use this opportunity to change the frequency of my updates. As you recall, many days I really did not have a lot to talk about so it was not good time spent for you, and for me…

With that said, I have many things I want to talk about, so, instead of putting them all in to one post, which you could read at once, I will have these posted in pieces over the next several days.

But before I tell you what the topics are… Happy New Year!! Feliz Año Nuevo!!  I hope you all have had a lovely transition in to 2019, found many memories from 2018 which brought you smiles, and are now generating new possibilities for yourselves.

Back to business…. Over the next several days, a post will come out, covering the following topics:

– What I have learned
– My expectations versus how things really went last year
– More stress than I ever expected
– The landlord
– Money money money
– The future

So, sit back, and enjoy the posts to come.  Thank you for staying and reading my posts, it really means a lot to me.


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