Bakery Day 136: it comes down to one thing…

In the mornings while walking to work, albeit a short walk, I sometimes reflect on really what is the hardest part of owning a bakery.  Here is a list of ten things (in no order):

1.  time of day I have to get up
2. continual costs to the government
3. baking bread people do not want (on a particular day)
4. do paperwork
5. not knowing if the bakery will break even on any particular day
6. working on a new recipe that just keeps failing
7. the feeling of unappreciation
8. never knowing if it was the right decision
9. seeing other bakeries and how much more beautiful they are, and
10. with #9, seeing how many more options they have and how guilty I feel every single day because I do not offer as much.

As I look through this list, #1 is by far the hardest of most. It is so difficult to get out of bed so early in the morning and then work so long, so hard, and so much.  Some days I do not move until 6 AM and that is the truth. I am just too tired.

I also think #10 is very hard on me. Some days I see what I offer and I feel embarrassed. Yesterday a woman from New York came in and said, “are there more things that I do not see?”  She has no idea how hard that was to hear, and to swallow. Sometimes I find myself making excuses to the customers, but I think the truth is, I probably just do not work hard enough.  That could be the sad reality.

Tell me again.. why am I doing this?

#doeverythingwithlove … please!!

ps – I am unable to work on the video for this week. I have it recorded, but I seem to just be running out of time and not able to complete it. I will try to slide some in tomorrow if possible.  Thank you so much for reading today’s entry <3

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