Bakery Day 135: Closing in on the year end.

We are a bit more than one week away from finishing out 2018. This puts us at almost 5 months of operations. Oh we have seen many ups and downs and continue to experience such things. But, we push and push and push for the purpose of doing better every single day.

This week we have had to say tomorrow is the last day to place orders. We have many requests and in order for us to be able to complete all of them, we have had to pick a day to say no more.  I wish we could take orders up until the last minute, but it is nearly impossible with me to be able to fulfill all of the orders without some time.  It would be so great to have a large space and a few bakers so we could take more orders, but, I would rather deliver a smaller amount and make sure we do a great job.

We also have decided to take the first week off from the bakery to get some air and rest a bit. It is predictably a very slow time so we might as well use it to rest a little bit.  I will actually do my best to not even go to the bakery every day, though it is hard to stay away 🙂

In closing, I hope you find this journey a bit interesting. Some days it is very boring, and other days are filled with drama. The highs and lows seem to be equal and while I believe I am learning a lot about many things, I feel like I know very little. Honestly, many days I wonder what right I even have to own a bakery, and really, about the “owning” part, that has certainly not sunken in yet. Maybe one day.

Thank you all very much for reading today’s entry, I really appreciate it.


ps – Sandy made cookies 🙂

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