Bakery Day 134: the croissants

Today I baked those lovely croissants and they are indeed much bigger than I expected them to be.  I also got two more orders via facebook today, one of which is due for tomorrow.  That makes me happy. I wish I had more time for preparation but I am happy to deliver the order.

I noticed on our delivery schedule today that many of the ensiamadas are medium sized, not small. This means I have to make more of them because the ones I have prepped are all small (100g). The medium sized ones are 250g. This will heavily impact my ability to deliver a video this week and I am not happy about that. Making them weekly is important to me, along with this blog. I admit that some days the blog is a blur and I forget to get the posts done, but, I always do my best to go backwards and write the necessary updates to keep each day up to date. How much longer will this go on?

I am writing today’s entry early because I know it will be a long afternoon/evening in the bakery and I will be very tired when I am complete. I have a feeling that the next two weeks are going to be a lot more work than I expect and I will have many moments of wanting to run away. To be honest, even when things are not crazy I have these feelings sometimes. Really, I wonder what on earth I was thinking to open a bakery. What made me think I could really pull this off and be successful?  And, I will tell you, to this day, I still do not feel like I own a bakery. It just does not sink in.

Thank you for reading this entry and remember to do everything with love <3

Oh yes.. the croissant….

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