Bakery Day 133: prep

Today is a day of preparation. This means we had to go shopping in a few places and then come back and do prep work for tomorrow. I am excited about this because it means I get to use the laminating machine. That is fun.

So, I made 5 batches of croissants. When they are normal size I suppose this would be roughly 100 croissants in total. But, I decided to make oversized croissants for fun and I made 70. These are very big but I am sure they will turn out lovely after being baked.

I also spent a couple of hours making ensaimadas. We have orders for them so I need to get them prepped and ready for baking for the delivery days. We decided to not have many in the store due to the demand with orders, it will be too much work for just me to get done for sure.

And, my assessment of the day is that it turned out to be way too long for the one day off (I think I worked 10 hours), and this is the reason I wanted to be closed two days a week, so I could actually have one day off completely. Uff!!  I am not sure if that is a complaint or not to be honest, but it sure sounds like one :).

Thank you for reading todays post <3


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