Bakery Day 132: it’s winter time

The weather in Mallorca has been cold. Ok, maybe not as cold as expected in the great north, but, I am cold a lot of the time. Today was no exception. But strangely in the evening it warmed up a little bit and got very windy. This time last year we went away for a few days and the wind blew 80kph and broke out our windows in the apartment. The police where there, the firemen where there, and when we got home, it was a big open hole to the world.

The bakery was quiet today. A few spurts of people but not overly busy. I look around the neighborhood and I see everyone else is very quiet too. I think it is the time of year and the cold. Ha!

We are getting more and more holiday orders. I am not sure if I should be nervous or not to get them completed, but I will try my best to not be. I am happy about the orders, but I do wish we could take a few days off and relax afterwards. I cannot imagine my entire life being about working and no time to enjoy life.

Short and sweet.. thank you for reading <3


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