Bakery Day 131: catching up….

Somehow I am either too tired or just forget to post in the daily blog. Even though the bakery is not super busy, I still work a lot and try different things. Today, for example, I have made some small changes to my carrot cake and right now, I have both layers cooling down. Later I will go back to the bakery and complete them. The taste last time was amazing, but maybe I think I had too much oil, so this time I cut the oil down and used milk. One of the problems I had with the last cake is it was too soft and broke apart very easily. Also, I felt it was too heavy with oil. It is strange when I review different recipes and they all have so much oil. So, lets see what happens. I also added something different to help bind the ingredients after the baking.  I will know later today if that idea worked. If not, I try something different.

and in other news.. even though my panettone’s did not rise as much as I had hoped, I now have 5 orders for the holidays. THAT is awesome!!!! I am so happy that people have come in and tried them and like them enough to want more more more more more!!  Of course, it is more work for me, but it is a labor of love.

Ok… thanks for reading today’s entry. You are the best, that is for sure.  Have a lovely rest of your day <3


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