Bakery Day 130: predictions are manisfestations

I do not know if the subject of today’s entry is true or not, but I do believe we attract what we wish for in life, even if it is not a conscious wish.  Yesterday I said that we would be slow today, and for sure we were. Yesterday was the slowest Thursday since opening. Wednesday was REALLY the slowest day ever. I think even the very first day we made more money and we only had a few customers.

These things, when they happen, I like to use as opportunities to see what I can change, or add, to remind people just how much we love baking for them, and giving them top quality breads, pastries, and desserts, at very good prices.   I know the next couple of months will be slow, but I do not worry a lot because I believe that once March comes and the winter weather subsides, we are going to be busier than ever.

I also want to say that I am starting to see sales of our breads go up some and people are coming back. Time is going to increase this for sure and we will be ok. I do need money if you are making donations so that we can pay the bills, but I know we are on a good path.

Thank you for reading today’s entry, even though it was posted a bit late <3


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