Bakery Day 129: rolling rolling rolling

Today was a slow day at the bakery, even for a Thursday. That is the bad news. The good news is it was slow for everyone. The outdoor market was slow, the other businesses had no one, and it was a very quiet day. Ok, this is not good news for business owners I know, but, for me I find the positive in this that it is not about the bakery, but the time of year, the weather (raining / cold / windy).

Tomorrow will be a bit slower than normal because in part tapas was cancelled. We have a regular group of customers who come in, but this week they are unable to come so the chances are we would only have a few clients. The amount of work and money spent for a few sales really makes it impossible to even break even. Also, I think it is good to take a break from time to time from tapas so people miss it more 🙂

For my YT channel I have this idea I have been thinking about for some time and I am going to try and make it work. I want to just have a conversation with other bakers and talk about baking, bakeries, etc. Interview different people and just have a nice dialogue around the topic. Now, it is time to find some willing participants 🙂

Have a lovely day and thank you for reading today’s entry <3


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