Bakery Day 128: in dog years…

Exactly how long has the bakery been open in dog years? Seems like a lifetime or two, but I suppose no.

The interesting thing about the bakery for me is every single day is completely different. You never know who will walk through the doors, or who will not. You do not know if a regular Wednesday customer will come again or skip this week.  What I can tell you for certain, today was indeed the absolute slowest day since opening on August 6th. We had three customers plus a person who came in last night and ordered a birthday cake for today.  Because of the cake, it was not the lowest day in terms of gross income, so that was helpful .. always something good to look forward to…. 🙂

In a few minutes I will be heading back to the bakery so that I can prepare for tomorrow. It is the busiest day of the week and I will be alone. So, my hope is I can get as much done as possible in about 90 minutes so I can come back home, take a bath, and make it in bed with eyes closed at 8:00PM. This will give me 8 hours of sleep and plenty of time to get in to the bakery by 4:30. Tomorrow morning I will bake some more goodies and make a couple of sandwiches which I hope people will like. We sold three yesterday, and zero today. But, this is part of the bakery/cafe game I suppose 🙂

Ok, it is now that time again where I must say goodbye.  Did you forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel? I would hope not! I do not want to have to come to your home, take over your computer, and do the subscription for you, that would just be silliness!!


ps – I know that hashtag is useless here, but, you can see it is used widely on instagram. When I started posting it with my messages the number of people using it was relatively small. Now it is around 15-17k.. one day soon there will be 2-3 more 0’s at the end <3


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