Bakery Day 116: still out of commission

I am home all day again today. I feel terrible. I do not mind being sick but what I really mind is how Sandy is at the bakery all day alone doing everything herself. Including, today she is making tapas. That woman works so hard and gives so much and she NEVER ever complains.  Words do not express how thankful I am.

In the meantime, just before getting sick I recorded my first vlog for the chronicles, so do enjoy!  Also, do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!!

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Cross your fingers for Sandy.. she is Super woman!!

Thank you for reading & watching my update.. may I feel better before the morning




Bakery Day 115: sick

I only lasted about two hours in the bakery this morning. Last night I started having severe pains in my stomach (symptoms of an ulcer)… I was up all night long. At 4:30 AM  I went to the bakery and thought maybe a short walk to work and some fresh air would help. Nope!

As the hour passed my energy deteriorated to the point where I needed Sandy to just come and help with the breads. She did great!!!

I have only spent a short time teaching her breads but she really did great. Yea they can use some work, but only watching me and never working on them, I am extremely proud of her.

So, the rest of the borning news is I have been in bed all day. I only ate a little soup purée she made for me and had a tiny piece of her bread to try.. yummy!!! I am worried about tomorrow because it is tapas night and she absolutely cannot do everything herself. My issue is I have very little energy and after I am standing for five minutes I am in pain.

In other news.. the bank approved my loan for a laminating machine. My super awesome friend in Switzerland, Isabelle was helping me look for a good second hand one, but I decided if all went well with the bank, I would get a new one. So, I am getting the Rondo STM-513. It is I think the smallest model, but it will work perfectly for me. My understanding is Rondo makes the best lamination on the market so that brings some relief.

Isn’t she beautiful? I am excited!!!

Ok, I try to sleep now… thank you for reading today’s entry. I did not post the past three days partly because we were closed and while I did work yesterday, my health was deteriorating by the time I got home.




Bakery Day 111: 1.2.3

We had a nice day today. Not as busy as a usual Sunday, but many smiles. It is really nice when we get to see many different people coming and going in the bakery. New faces, old faces (er um, repeat), and those in the middle somewhere.

I did not speak about this much yesterday, but it was a very hard decision to close for three days a week starting this week. It is not what I would prefer, but I really believe that we must be smart to maximize our time, customer experience, and energy. Honestly, I would love for someone to tell me I am wrong, and we change back to 6 days a week. Keep in mind, before that advice is given, Mallorca is a special place, and by that I mean, the island thrives on tourism. The bakery is no different. We have many customers who live on the island, but we have many more who come and go. So, the thought was for the two slowest months of the year, we use the time to focus on making better quality products, concentrate our energies for the days where people will come in, and at the same time, rest our bodies a little bit. For me, this is a much better solution than closing for a month like many businesses do. At that same time, I realize we are not a tourist only business and we really depend and rely on local customers. I just hope this is the right decision.

Leading up to Christmas, and New Years, we will be open more, and we will be pushing hard for preorders for the breads, and pastries, like ensaimadas and panettone. This means, from about the 20th until the 6th I expect we will work many more hours and be open longer.

What do you think? Is it smarter to use this time as described, or, do we take a bit of a loss on those days and push through this time?


I think for the days we are closed, I may not write a blog entry. I am not sure if you care to read about nothing. But then again, Seinfeld and David managed to make one of the most popular TV shows of all time based on nothing. Another thing I will be doing is working on a weekly vlog update of the bakery and putting those on my YouTube channel. Once I do I will post that information here. And, if I can get myself organized, maybe I can start doing some baking videos too.  No promises 🙂

Thank you for your comments in the past and continuing to share your time with me, it really means a lot.


Bakery Day 110: How time goes so fast…

It is hard to believe that as I sit and write today’s blog entry, the bakery is 110 days old. As I think back in time, I can remember most of the days very easily, and the others would come back to me with a little thinking power (maybe a green juice to help).

We have changed so many things in this time, and we have tried so many other things. Some worked, some did not. But, the things that remain constant are as follows:
– I am always tired
– I am very emotional
– I work many hours trying to keep the bakery in good order
– and I love the bakery, despite all the walls I must hurl myself over… a measurable amount of work, for sure…

If I am being honest, and I am, some days I honestly wonder what on earth I was thinking in regards to opening a bakery. It just fell in to my hands as a thought and we went with it. I get aggravated on the days I make a lot of beautiful breads but no one buys them, but I get sad at that very same time. Some days my breads do not turn out as lovely as other days, but I know I have this problem because I am still trying to figure out my oven, and how the decreasing temperature is impacting the dough, the masa, the sexy soft stuff I get to play with every single day.

I make many bad decisions in the bakery, but I see those “bad” ideas as good ideas because I know what not to do the next time I am faced with similar thoughts or ideas. I believe that in order for me to learn, I have to take backwards steps.  These will help me when I push harder to move in the forward direction.

and…. I had a chat with the business owner who is about 30 meters away this morning. He told me it will be very slow until possibly March. That means three months of worrying about bills, and increasing customers. I look at this as an opportunity. One, I will work harder to make better products, and because I will not be open as often, I will have more time to experiment. Two, I believe that no matter the circumstances, I will find more people coming because I am putting my love in to my work, and how can that ever be a show stopper?  Ok, maybe this argument does not really equate to potentials, but, I like the way it sounds. And three, I see many local repeat customers, who love the cafe part of the bakery, and somehow, love us, and what we are doing… So I will not, nor do I, worry, more than I should. Yes, this will be hard for me, but I will make it my winter mantra!!

I really appreciate all the support and love I get from so many people.  I was telling Sandy the other day that it still has not sunk in yet that I own a bakery. Somehow, I suppose the amount of work supersedes the time necessary to absorb such thinking. And, thank you, for taking the time from your busy days/lives and spending a couple of minutes with me, here. I am sure, you are learning more about me than maybe you expected, or cared to expect.  Either way, I am really happy to have you along side me every step of the way.

and remember… do everything with love, or please, do something different



Bakery Day 109: We are closing…..

Ok, maybe that is a bit of click-bait, but we have decided for December and January to close Monday – Wednesday. These are our slowest days of the week and with the time of year, there are not many tourists so the weeks will be slow.

What this means in short is there could be days where we spend more money than we make because things are slow. That is the bad news. But, it is not really bad news as every local business goes through the same thing. I can use the time to work on new technique at, streamline my work, organize the kitchen better, and yes, rest.

The tapas tonight sold out completely. It was a south of the border theme (of sorts). I made mini flour tortillas (I think I made 104 in total). And as always, each person got six different tapa. The items were as follows: croquette with green sauce, red bean meatless ball with spicy sauce, roasted mixed vegetables in a fire roasted sauce, guacamole with a quinoa tortilla chip,  soya mix in a red sauce, and fried tofu with a tomato cilantro and onion salad on top.

I am so thankful for the business and that we have customers coming so often, it really makes the slow days better and the mood lifted

And finally, I finished off making a cake with a vanilla icing, roasted almond pieces sprinkled and dried flowers on top…

Hungry yet? Thank you for reading today’s entry…


Bakery Day 108: planning and thinking

We are thinking about Wednesday’s. They have historically been our slowest day no matter if it was the first week or yesterday. Sandy wants to close but for me it changes nothing as I must still work. Because of the prep work I must work on Mondays so I am still on a 7 days a week schedule. Yes I am finding some free time to come home and relax, but I do not have a single day completely free.

Our business is funny at times. Some days we do really well and other days we do fine. Once in a while we are slower than normal too. This week we are not setting any records but we are on track for the very best month ever and hat continues to rise. It will take time to get to a place where we are really able to see the fruits of our labor. So we move on, to face new frontiers.

And in other news. I started my first panettone last night and today I worked on round two. I am a bit nervous because it fermented nicely last night but today (even after multiple hours) I saw no action. So I am letting it ferment again tonight in the oven to hopefully help things along.  I will know in the morning what comes of this. Speaking of, it’s late and I must be up early. Thank you for reading …


Bakery Day 107: yesterday

I purposefully did not post a message about the bakery yesterday. The day was ok, not pier busy not super quiet, but in the evening something happened and more than making me angry, it hurt my feelings. Someone spit on one of the windows. It wasn’t an accidental gesture as it was not a window you walk past but instead one near the main entrance. It was also at eye level. It is clear to me an intentional act by whomever.

Why would someone want to do this? What is the motivation? We do not bother anyone. We make friends with all of those who come in or even just walk by.

As a result, last night I was just stuck in my mind about this and wanted time to digest it. I have many unanswered questions but unless I know who did it and can ask them, I will just have to live with it and be thankful it was not worse.

I hope you have had a lovely day.


Bakery Days 105 & 106: catching up!

Somehow I forgot to post yesterday.  So today we hat about both days..

i was in the bakery at 5am and trying to do everything on my list. One small problem, I forgot to look at the list so I forgot a couple of things – it is life. By 10:30 AM yesterday we only had two brief customers and I was very stressed and nervous that we might not make 10€ for the day. Then, I went home and did some paperwork things while Sandy stayed at the bakery. She kept saying when I would ask that it was not too busy, but in the end we had a pretty good day. Not a record breaking day but a good day for sure. I am so happy that even on the bad days we are starting to have good days. I believe days like this will continue to remind me that we are getting better and building a customer base. It is key that we also have the cafe as that really sustains is. Someone comes in to buy croissants and a coffee and maybe buys two instead of one. It is the little things that mean the most.

I am not sure when or if I spoke about this (pretty sure I did)… I love the relationships we are building with customers. Someone’s some come in just to say hello and that is really special for me. It means a lot to be more specific. I never look at a customer as money. I know that they are the source of money in most cases, but I see them as people we are getting to know, and really enjoy the company. For me, it is the essential element of my life. Yes, the money is very important too, but I love the relationships.

Today I did preparation work in the bakery. I made ensaimadas, croissants, white masa, and integral masa. The last two are in slow bulk fermentation for tomorrow morning. That I also like as it eases the start of my day, and more importantly, gives a much greater tastes to the breads. The integral is a new recipe as I have been having many problems with that flour for some odd reason. I am hoping this change works and the breads tomorow turn out much better. If so I will increase the production for Wednesday and onward.

Lastly, I am still having problems getting my oven right. Eugeni told me it took him six months for his replacement oven which was the same make and model to get right. My breads get a weird crust sometimes and I do not know why. I have tried a higher hydration and a lower hydration and I cannot get it working. I think starting tomorrow I will go back to what I did in my testing days and write every detail down. What shelf was the bread on, the exact temperature, the exact amount of water, etc. and every day I will change one thing at a time to see if it helps.

Ok, time to sleep, I have a lot to do this week. At some point I will start making panettone and once I have the last couple of ingredients I will get that going. I am very excited or this.

Thank you as always for reading my blog, YOU are the reason I do it! ❤️


Bakery Day 104: the five rules…

… the five rules of Arnold

Have a vision

Think big

Ignore the naysayers

Work your ass off

Give back and change the world

i think about these rules as they really apply to most if not all situations in life where we are wanting something for ourselves. As I apply this to the bakery I believe I am covering all bases. Some days I am tired and do not work as hard as I could or should, but I think down days are normal.

It is amazing how many people tell me how difficult my business is and how hard it will be to succeed. I look at those comments always in the same manner: comments from people who are too afraid of failing to be able to find their own successes. It is really true! When someone tells me I cannot do something I have a defiant switch in me that says I can, if for no other reason, to prove them wrong.

So this post is dedicated to you… yes you! Are you living your dream or floating through time? If you want to live your dream, embrace the fears and do not wait … I know I just wrote about this but it is really important which is why I am saying it all again.

You can be anything and everything you want to be. Do not say you want to be rich but talk about your passion which will bring you all the riches the world has to offer, and I do not mean money.

I love the bakery, on the good days and the bad. I look forward to hearing about how you are doing what you love!

Thank you for this off the tracks post.. and remember #doeverythingwithlove

Bakery Day 103: Great news

Today the bakery is closed. We worked extremely hard this week as mentioned yesterday. So we are using today as a day to clean the house and the bakery and I will start doing prep work for the weekend.

Also today, I have just finished spending time preparing some documents for the bank. We want to get a lease for the laminating machine, instead of me buying one with my personal savings. So, I had to provide our quarterly tax return information, along with our worksheet of income. I had no idea I would be so surprised with this information, but the month of November is already showing us nearly double the amount of daily income from August & September. We started to see the numbers going up in October and I thought maybe it was just a fluke, but now it is continuing for almost 3 weeks. THAT is not because of all the festivals. It is also not because of Tourists. We are just getting smarter and better at everything we do and it is showing when we tally up the numbers.

This really makes me very happy, and very proud of the work we are doing. I know this blog has a lot of complaints from me, and moments where I want to jump out a window, but in the end, it is moments like today that reel me back in and remind me what this ride is really all about.

And I close by saying this… it is something I said before in the blog some time ago. If you have a dream. If you believe in something. If you are told it is the worst idea ever and you will suffer and struggle and fail.. you read my blog again and again. You CAN be successful. You CAN fulfill your dreams.

Three important things;
1. You must believe in what you want to do (baker, seamstress, whatever it is)
2. You MUST MUST MUST believe in yourself
3. You MUST NOT wait for tomorrow. Planning is essential, but when you spend too much time planning, you end up talking yourself out of doing what you dream about.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
To-morrow will be dying.
The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
The higher he’s a-getting,
The sooner will his race be run,
And nearer he’s to setting.
That age is best which is the first,
When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
Times still succeed the former.
Then be not coy, but use your time,
And, while ye may, go marry:
For having lost but once your prime,
You may forever tarry.