Bakery Day 54: Tapa número dos

Three things to chat about today but first … I met a well trained vegan chef from Italy tonight who came to the bakery for tapas. He and his wife are lovely and really know food well. I always feel dumb when i hear how much knowledge others have on the subject, but, I also know I will learn more and more and then be able to speak the same language fluently, and I do not mean Spanish 😂

Tapas tonight was a big hit. In fact we sold out and I made more and we sold that too. We don’t make a lot because historically we have not had many customers but tonight we sure made up for that. I left poor sandy alone because I worked from early this morning and of course i need to go back, but I know she is ok. I am very proud of her for the food she is making is fantastic and everyone loved all of the six items. ❤️❤️

Tonight, for the first time we had three tables on the plaza. I see we need light or something so people understand but at least we now have them out there. Baby steps bob, baby steps. I wonder if anyone knows that reference…


I hung up our new sign that I built. We had the letters printed on it but I basically took a shelf I bought at the store and turned it into a hanging sign. I like it and it saved us lots of money ❤️

Thank you so much for reading today’s entry ❤️


Bakery Day 53: a good day

I preface today by saying that good is not always measured in money. In fact, today was our lowest Thursday since opening.

I was up early and at the balery sometime around 5:25… I did not go in earlier because I had already completed the base of the donuts and we had croissants done, plus cookies ready go. This morning I got to focus on making a lot of breads and icing the donuts, as well as making empanadas (they were filled with mushrooms, potatoes, peas, peppers, and sundries tomatoes – tasted really good I think too). For the breads I made white, integral, gluten free, and pan payas.

I did rest a bit today in the afternoon and then I returned solo to the bakery so Sandy could rest. I met some guy from Sweden and he turned out to be so nice we had a long chat and then tonight he stopped back and we chatted some more. One of my favorite parts of the  bakery is making connections with other people and building relationships (however those are defined: customer, friends, etc). For me it is why I do what I do, and well, I love making bread.

Tomorrow I will not go in so early. Friday is a slow day and we do not sell a lot of bread. But, I will make extra baguettes since tomorrow night is tapas night. I also told sandy that two of the six tapas I will make… now what will they be? Any ideas?

i love the bakery, even though it is very slow and I am hoping every day it gets better and better … I think October will be good because of the four day festival and November is a week long featival so that should help too. My fingers are crossed.

Now I rest .. thank you so much for reading the short entry today, it really means a lot to me!


Bakery Day 52: rest and prep

I wasn’t feeling so well today and since it is Wednesday I used this time to stay in bed a bit longer (got up at 7:45) … I had to run many errands and then came home and slept another hour before heading to the bakery.

I am coming to see that Wednesday’s are not such easy days after all. Sure, I am not stressed at 5:30 in the morning but i was at the balery until 8pm tonight prepping for tomorrow. I made croissants, cocas de potatas, and donuts. The first one came out nicely though they might be slightly under baked. The second taste nice but I think they needed more time to ferment, and the donuts, something just isn’t right with them as well. They definitely fermented too long which I am not pleased about but due to my poor time management this evening everything was off a bit. I also did not glad the donuts but I will do that tomorrow morning while the breads are baking.

We are supposed to put tables on the plaza but they are not put together yet so I do not see that happening which is a shame for sure.! Oh, and I did one other thing. I drilled a few holes in the outside wall and hung up the bracket for our sign. The printing will bend one tomorrow sometime and then I will hang it up and it’s complete. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a sign I found a nice shelf with a dark grey color and i got a giant wall bracket which I will hang it from. I think the total cost with the printing is about 75€. It may not be perfect but I am happy to have a sign hanging up to help people see us.

Tonight I leave you with a recipe, the Mallorcan Coca de Patata

500 g All purpose flour

350 g potatoes

200 g sugar

75 g lard (I use crisco)

3 large replacers (see below)

Pinch Salt

Egg replacer( 35 grams water + 15g cornstarch) = 1 egg replacer … this recipe requires 3

Preheat your oven to 176c or 350f

Mix all ingredients until a nice dough forms. Then let it rest for a bit before dividing into equal sized pieces. This will vary for you based on how big you want your rolls.  This recipe is 1275g so if you do 10 rolls each roll should be 127g more or less. It is best they are equal for baking

Once you cut the pieces shape in to balls and let rest to rise. When they have that state where you poke your finger and it slowly comes out a little bit they are ready to bake.

bake for 20-25 minutes, I almost said 3 minutes which is what Bertinet would say.. but keep checking them until they start to have a nice golden color.

When complete put them on a cooling rack and let them completely cool before coving the tops with icing sugar

Thank you so much for reading today’s entry.





Bakery Day 51: burnout

Sometimes things come slow and it takes time to get what others already have seen. Even when we submit to these conclusions we still hold our own reservations.

i did not do a whole lot in the bakery today. I made some bread and I made cupcakes. Later on I put icing on them. I also made focaccia, which like every other time I have made it, it didn’t sell. We sold one out of eight. The irony is people ask me about it maybe 2 times a week and want it.

Tomorow I will not go to the bakery until the afternoon. My plan is to prepare for Thursday by making a lot of different things (croissants, empanadas, donuts,, muffins, maybe more focaccia, puff pastry, etc) so that Thursday morning I can focus on breads and then helping out. Alberto and Ale will be helping us so i think we will have a fun and and a relatively smooth day.

i mention all of this because I feel a bit burnt out. Too many days of very long hours and very hard work have taken a toll. I realize it is part of what it means to own a bakery, but the amount of time goes far beyond what is normal. This little break will help a lot and I always look forward to the Thursday’s.

did I mention yesterday that we are now allowed to put tables on the plaza? We will do this on Thursday. I am excited and nervous at the same time.  It will be hard to gauge when people need help out there and at the same time ensure the people inside are taken care of. Most of all I am hoping this will increase our business and help us get to the next level of success.

It is still hard to believe that my job is to bake all day lone… how lucky am I!?!?

Thank you so much for reading today’s entry ❤️


ps – on a personal note, the new cat is now letting us pet and hold her. I think at this rate we will be able to let her out of the bedroom in  a couple of days. We confirmed it is a girl but I am still thinking about a name ❤️❤️

Bakery Day 50: Better Call Saul

Have you ever promised something and forgot to do it? Today I had to deliver 25 empanadas to a customer at 8:30 in the morning. I made them in the evening yesterday and sure enough I delivered them on time.

This morning I baked bread, white and integral. I also made croissants, muffins, and cookies.  I told sandy I wanted to go home and rest and not think more about work so I could relax. Then at 11:30 Sandy sent me a message, “Las cocas de patatas?” … UFFFF… I forgot to make an order of six cocas de potatas for a customer. She came and was angry and I suppose she said she would never come back. Via sandy I apologized three times as it was an honest mistake, I simply forgot. But, sometimes an apology is not enough. This I understand!!

We had  lot of customers today so we decided instead of closing on Mondays, we will only be open for five hours. I will go in early and bake and then leave for the day. Sandy will stay and work until closing time. It doesn’t help me get a full day of rest but baking for 4-5 hours and then leaving is better than 14 hours. We will try this out for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.


In the meantime, I watched most of season 3 of Better Call Saul. It’s a very well written show and I love how it crosses over with it’s originator, Breaking Bad.

So today is short and sweet, it is bed time. Thank you so much for reading today’s post.



Bakery Day 49: Learning one step at a time

Today was a normal day at the bakery. Not so many customers, not so much bread made, but a nice pleasant day for sure.  Once the bakery was closed I made 25 empanadas for a customer who will pick them up around 8-8:30 tomorrow morning, and of course, I made some extra for the bakery.   I hope they hold up ok and are tasty. I found the filling to be a bit salty, but maybe with the bread around them they will be ok… Lets see.

We have been talking about closing for one day or finding a way to get a rest for some time. While I feel like it is a money out of the pocket idea to be closed, I also realize it is important to find 24 hours of rest, or at least not doing bakery stuff. I am never in my apartment anymore other than sleeping and showering, and I miss just relaxing and doing nothing, with no thought of what I need to get done for the afternoon crowd.  I also believe this is a normal transition with businesses, where at first they are open every day and then looking for that day where business is slowest, or when it makes the most sense, to just be closed one day in the week.   With all that said, I think starting next week, we will be closed on Monday’s. For me, it is the perfect day of the week to be closed because Sunday is a half day. I may still have to go to the bakery Monday evening to do prep work for Tuesday morning, but I can at least have 24 hours of down time. The only other day that made sense was Wednesday, but because Thursday is our busiest day, I must do 5-6 hours of prep Wednesday afternoon along with shopping for supplies so it really would not be a day off at all.

I am sure it will feel odd to not be at the bakery for a day, but in time I am also sure it is the right thing to do.

In closing, here is a little game for you (if you speak Spanish of course it will help). I made these small flyers to hand out and after having them for a few days in the shop, someone noticed to typo’s, or words spelled incorrectly to be more specific.  Today I have fixed and ordered new ones, but let’s see if you can find them.


As always, thank you very much for taking the time to read the blog, I am not tired of writing in it yet, even though some days I am too tired to do it, but yet, find that energy to finish. It is 7:46pm and I will now go to bed so I can get up early tomorrow


Bakery Day 48: it was a rapid donut day

This week we have gotten a few orders for pickup which I like even though it is hard to fulfill. Today I was asked if I could make 12 donuts for the very sweet friend who has helped us so much. Without even thinking I said yes. Now she has them and is very happy, which makes me even happier.

The recipe i came up with is amazing . They are fluffy and light and just a delight to eat for sure .. I could not be happier … well, my toppings and presentation need work but the donuts themselves are fantastic ❤️

For Monday morning I need to make 25 empanadas tomorrow. Maybe I mentioned this yesterday. Also for Monday I need to make 6 coca seeds potato… I probably mentioned this too :)…

Tonight Sandy once again designs the tapas and they are beautiful. The couple that came last night is enjoying them right now… yippee!!!! The woman of the couple came in at 11 am and asked me to make her a cake for 12:30 but I told her it wasn’t possible but I could make her raspberry muffins. So she got them and said everyone liked them which was nice feedback!!

i told Sandy today we have to find a way to have one full day off a week. The problem is most days I do prep for the next day so even a day off isn’t really a day off. We need to rest more and find ways to not think about the bakery 24 hours a day. Today I worked 14 hours and I felt guilty coming home early and leaving sandy there alone. That is bakery love (never wanting to leave).

Today I close with telling you how thankful I am for everything I have and that Sandy has been right by my side the whole time. She is so incredible. She gives without question. She works as hard as needed and always smiles. And is finnyband kind and she is quite talented in many respects.

Thank you for reading today’s short blog entry, I really appreciate it.  Anyone want a recipe soon?


Bakery Day 47: Tapas numero tres

Today was tapas day (well night) at the bakery. We had a record breaking four customers which is a 100% improvement from last week. The best part is Sandy made the tapas and they were amazing. One was my hummus and one was a guacamole which were normal, but the rest were all special. I am so proud of her. Every day she surprises me with a new hidden talent she has.

My day was not so bad other than one customer. She asked me a few days ago for two sheets of coca and cupcakes. To be clear, the bakery uses ecological ingredients when possible but we are not 100% otherwise we would be certified. Part of the reason is sourcing, it’s extremely difficult to find certain ingredients in bulk and buying small versions is far too costly. So, the coca was ready and I was working on the cupcakes when she stopped in to check on the progress. Everything was fine until she asked about the sugar in the cupcakes and I told her it was white sugar and she was not happy. So, I explained she doesn’t have to take them it is fine for me and she was not bothered.

Sidenote: every time she comes in she is smiling with me and laughing and wants to talk but she is cold with Sandra. I explain why i mention this in a moment.

So she left and I finished the work. I then told sandy I wanted to leave before the woman returned as i had a feeling she was being flirty with me and I didn’t like how it was not respectful of sandy even if she does not know our situation.

She called sandy and said she would be late and she asked if I was here. Sandy said, “no, my husband went home and left me instructions for you.” To which she replied, “aren’t you too young for him?” Implying that I should be with someone older like her.  Then she made a not so nice commen about the cupcakes to which I told sandy we give her the money back but we do not want her business more. Sadly she came when I was very busy so I did not speak with her and that was the end of it. Silly drama! Not so funny in some ways but otherwise innocuous.

Tomorrow I have a lot of baking to do. There are no pasties and we are out of bread. Also, I have an order for 25 empanadas first thing Monday morning so I need to shop tomorrow to bake on Sunday. I also have an order for coca potato to which I said I could do without even knowing what it is 😂😂😂

thank you as always for reading my posts, even the dramatic ones


ps – Yoko Dos says hello